“We have worked with Brad Scherer and his team at Atlantic Western for more than 20 years, in many capacities. We have counseled Brad as a Court appointed receiver and have worked with Brad and his team as both a broker and property manager on dozens of complex commercial real estate deals in numerous asset classes, including: retail, industrial, hotel, agricultural, single family home developments, polo facilities, and more.  Without hesitation, we feel Brad and the team at Atlantic Western Companies are the brightest, most  knowledgeable and driven real estate team of professionals we know. They pay extreme attention to detail and know what it takes to put deals together, solve the problems that inevitably arise, and ensure a successful closing.”

McDonald Hopkins LLC



“We engaged Atlantic Western Companies as a receiver, appointed to manage a large commercial property during litigation. Once, this matter was resolved, we used them as the listing agent on the property. Atlantic Western is an excellent resource for both types of transactions—from simple to extremely complex. Their professionalism, knowledge and excellent communication skills made them a pleasure to work with. Brad Scherer and his team are skilled at laying out different plans of action with various strategic options. When Atlantic Western Companies is involved, the work is seamless.”

Sabadell United Bank



“We had 500 acres in Indiantown that we had planned to develop pre-recession. When the market slowed, we decided to dispose of the asset, and we hired Brad Scherer and the team at Atlantic Western to help. They handled everything from the research to the execution strategy to the final sale. Brad and his team have strong relationships and an excellent understanding of the market. They made a good sale and did so on in a short timeline. They have a depth of knowledge in land development and entitlement and has the ability to understand and dissect complicated situations. Brad and his team are one of the hardest working teams we know. They don’t stop until the job is done. It’s great to work with someone like that.”



“Brad Scherer and his team at Atlantic Western Companies are the complete package. They are everything we look for in business associates. Their candor, intelligence and work ethic set them apart. When they gives you their word, they mean it. Atlantic Western is one of the few group of professionals we rely on for business recommendations—unequivocally. “

Ironwood Properties



“Several years ago, Atlantic Western Companies helped us put together a deal to sell a 2700 acre farm. They put together a group to buy it, and guided them every step of the way and helped the buyers with permitting and in dealing with the Water Management District. When the economy got tight and phase two of the project got stalled, Atlantic Western was able to take the project in a different direction and find another player to complete the sale. Brad Scherer and his team at Atlantic Western is driven, dedicated and persistent. They tell you what to expect in realistic terms based on their thorough knowledge of the market always do their homework. If we were going to do another deal like this, Atlantic Western Companies would be at the top of our list.”

TruCane Sugar


“We worked with Brad, Jay and Western Atlantic Companies on land acquisition projects. Brad and Jay’s strong financial background allowed them to understand the full impact of the deal—why it would or wouldn’t work. The traits that set Atlantic Western apart are their intellect, thoroughness, and follow-through on every aspect of the job.”

Fortune 200 Company