A Depth of Experience and a Strategic Approach to Providing Solutions.

Atlantic Western’s particular expertise is the formation and implementation of comprehensive asset management plans; developed over many years of working directly with financial institutions, government agencies, Wall Street-based bulk portfolio and individual owners of real estate assets, throughout the United States.


We begin each asset management assignment by carefully determining how best to deploy our skills, services, and expertise to generate expedient and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Atlantic Western’s asset management services include:

  • Asset Stabilization/Acquisition
  • Increased Cash Flow/Value Enhancement
  • Receiver Services
  • Litigation Management
  • Disposition/Capital Recovery
  • Debt /Equity Restructurings

“The Atlantic Western team played a significant role in maximizing the returns of this multi-million dollar real estate loan and OREO portfolio. At PNC we firmly believe in the value of outsourcing key real estate investment matters to experts who understand the various geographic and special dynamic needs of each real estate asset.” ~ PNC Bank